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Avoteo first of all is “a vote”.

The vision is to create
and provide a platform that connects the best
elements of different areas. 

Our Mission

We connect future entrepreneurs, artists, or visionaries with customers and investors before the idea becomes reality

We like or dislike something on social media. We decide something in our life and give our vote to one or another opportunity. We spend money on something and give it a vote by that. Avoteo will give you the chance to give your voice a value and increase the financial freedom in your future. You always wanted to be part of a great idea? Avoteo gives you the chance to do this multiple times. Day by day. All you invest, is your vote!

Users stories

Our users about Avoteo

From the moment I heard about AVOTEO my interest peaked. I understand that this concept had been around for some time by the development team before it was actually put into action. That is absolutely what I want to know about any project that I pay attention to before I invest. I believe that this is the perfect time to launch this concept and quick growth will come about. They have found the right time to launch this concept. It was a very good day I believe when I stumbled on the ICO, as I was hunting new ventures on the internet, looking for new projects.

There are so many business minded individuals with great ideas that cannot find proper funding. I think that we all know this. Some of them may be friends, family, maybe even yourself. By allowing us to participate in the process, we have a chance to change this. And perhaps change the world, by no longer locking out the great ideas that need to come about in these difficult times.

AVOTEO's concept is incredibly straightforward and simple, maybe on the surface. But I believe this company will show incredible growth. That's why I have already bought into it. Because I know that most of the great Ideas are simple at first, but in time grow exponentially I believe.

As a member of the AVOTEO community I'm also hoping to one day use it's services to advance a project or two myself. I believe that as the community grows even stronger over time, and with a few successes based on their model, we will see a lot of interest in this project. The simple fact is, the saying that, " nothing succeeds like success" will be the case in point here. This is why I see this community growing, and with the fact that we all get to vote and share in the successes of other members who bring forward ideas, will make success that much more crucial and possible. That means that only the best ideas will move forward and we will all be interested to only allow the 'cream of the crop' to move forward. Thereby making the value of the coin increase.

The idea of profit sharing with its members. The fact that they are fully open, and share the identities of their Dev team is one of the most telling things about this company and its ideas and values. The fact that they are taking a measured approach and the team is willing to take profit later on is a good sign of their commitment. I see great things ahead and am proud to say that I'm a part of the AVOTEO community. Fabulous work guys, and thank you. Glad I came across this token and company.

And for anyone doubting their concept, I advise you to do some research into AVOTEO, check out the You-tube video and website, you will be pleasantly surprised by this refreshing concept that offers the possibility of so much progress and change in the world. I for one believe the fact they have not restricted themselves to only digital, but also real world endeavors in many different fields is a positive sign of things to come, and the best way to move forward. Obviously a lot of thought has gone into this project and may possibly be a model for many companies to follow in the future. So fingers crossed that we have smooth sailing and nothing unexpected happens, because we all need this idea, the world needs this idea.


Hi. I want to tell you how I got acquainted with Avoteo. Back in 2010, I first heard about cryptocurrencies. At that time there were few of them and the buying process was vague. But if I had put some money down at the time, I was probably rich now...

Eleven years have passed. The cryptocurrency market has grown and trading platforms have emerged.  In 2021 I started to trade on Binance for the first time. But due to lack of experience I didn't always make money.

At the beginning of 2022 I understood that I couldn't earn much money on those cryptocurrencies, which were traded for a long time. They already showed themselves and their price growth is not significant. Therefore I decided to invest in cryptocurrencies, which are just starting their development. I read a lot of websites, reviewed a bunch of different cryptocurrencies. Many of them were either scam or doomed to failure.

One day I found Avoteo. Started watching videos on youtube. I read the roadmap and the whitelist. First of all I liked that unlike other cryptocurrencies developers of Avoteo don't hide their data from society. These are real people who almost instantly get in touch. Another plus is that the team is multinational. This aspect allows the developers to look at the work from the perspective of different cultures.

On further study I was attracted to the idea of the system itself. I liked that Avoteo is not just a cryptocurrency, it has an idea. It combines both just a cryptocurrency and a crowdfunding company. That is, many people have interesting ideas that, without material support, are not possible to implement. That's why the developers of Avoteo decided to make so that people with good ideas told their community, and the community has already decided which idea to implement in reality through voting. Well of course with the successful implementation of ideas and sales of finished goods all will have a benefit. And most importantly if the project is successful and people will buy goods, they will automatically learn about Avoteo. And this will already be potential clients for the cryptocurrency itself.

The next point, which interested me a lot, is passive profits. That is, people who are not interested in active cryptocurrency trading or do not have a promising project for self-realization, they can simply earn from trading of other Avoteo token holders. For example, you can buy $500 worth of tokens. Keep them in your wallet. The system is set up so that from each sale, 3% of the bidding amount will automatically be distributed among Avoteo token holders. Even if the token does not rise in value much, but there is a good turnover of the total trade, the Avoteo holder will receive his profit. I analyzed the trading market for other cryptocurrencies and realized that many have a daily turnover of many millions of dollars. Considering that 3% of these millions will be distributed among Avoteo holders, now the invested money can return to a depositor in a very short period of time.

And if the price of token itself rises by 50 000% in 5 years, which is quite realistic taking into account the market analysis, investing now 500 dollars in 5 years you can get 250000 dollars.

Considering all these aspects, I understood that the idea of developers of Avoteo is not a losing one, and all investors in a few years will be able to become financially well-off people.

After all these analyses, I also bought Avoteo tokens and became one of the members of this family.

Anar A.

I was on a crypto telegram channel a few months ago when this crazy moderator kept on banning people from misbehaving in the channel. He was pretty harsh about it, but he had the respect of the people of the channel. I had a few warnings from him but he hadn’t banned me yet so I figured on the whole he was quite good for that channel, until one day he committed the ultimate telegram crime and publicised his own Token and Project (which was AVOTEO) and got himself banned. Luckily I saw the messages before they were deleted and came over to the AVOTEO channel to see what the fuss was all about. Lo and behold, it turns out that somewhat harsh moderator from the other channel was the CEO of AVOTEO; what a surprise. He seemed like a reasonable guy I thought, but when I read about the rest of the team I was truly impressed and the concept behind AVOTEO is innovative and well designed. 

Although there have been crowdsourcing projects before, this one combines blockchain technology, crowd voting and a well-designed infrastructure. It all is very fair for the projects and for the token holders.  It seems to have everything that I think is important - I spent a long time looking on the channel reading some of the very intelligent questions that some of the other members asked. Clearly some of them I really thought about it hard. They were asking very probing questions but each time the AVOTEO mods and dev team had intelligent, respectful and well thought through answers. So I figured this is the project for me. 

‘Never invest more than you can afford to lose’ the saying goes, and that’s something I wanted to follow myself so it wasn’t going to be an enormous investment. But they designed it in a smart way as the ICO token pricing increases with the stages of the pre-sales but also the vesting period reduces. That is clever and fair. Soon my money was sent, my tokens registered and I took advantage of the referral bonus as well, so I’m happy with my purchase. 

I continue to monitor the Telegram channel and I’m truly impressed by the answers and the thoughtfulness of the dev team. Although some pretty crazy people turn up on the channel to ask mad questions sometimes, the mod team always work help people work through whatever questions they have. I’m pretty sure pretty much everything anybody ever asks is on the website, but they still take the effort to explain to people. I cannot imagine how many times the mods have told people to follow step 10 of the purchasing guide!! Step 10 people! Click on the button that says ‘already paid’. Do step 10. 

I’m interested to hear more news about the project development itself. I think the dev team had raised enough money to hire in a good team and the product development is well underway. It’s the quality and design of the app and website that will make all the difference to the success of this project. 

It has to do what it has promised but not get too sophisticated and difficult to use. I find the problem with some crypto projects is they are very complicated and use all sorts of complicated terminology. I just want to make a investment that will help people and maybe make a profit for me at the same time. AVOTEO seems like the perfect fit and I am looking forward to staying with this project for many years. 

Also I got an NFT that spins around when I go and look at it!!! 


Avoteo is a cryptocurrency project where you get to showcase your idea and get paid to develop it in a free and fair voting competition.

I got to know about Avoteo some months back when I was searching for a viable and reliable project to invest in. My problems were solved after seeing Avoteo.

Having invested in couple of project that looks promising but did not live up to expectations, I decided to take my time and conduct a research to find a project with great potentials. Eventually I came across Avoteo. After reading the Whitepaper I realize the strategy employed by Avoteo is simple, promising and very straightforward with a potential of making me financially independent.

I decided to join Avoteo After visiting the website and reading the Whitepaper. After reading the Whitepaper and comparing the project with others, I realized Avoteo is a straight forward project with no complications and complexity. After joining the various social networks I found out the founder is within reach, approachable and always interacting with investors especially on its Telegram page. With this findings I was rest assured the project will be on for the long haul and I am in the right  project. I was convinced of its viability and reliability. And the fact that I can invest in Avo token with a potential of doubling my investment overtime, and at the same time present an idea and get financial assistance for the idea if selected seem to be the best thing that can ever happen in the cryptocurrency industry. It is a win win at the end of the day.

What I like most about Avoteo is the transparency in voting. The fact that if you have an idea you believe can scale, all you need do is present your idea for a vote in a free and fair voting process and if you are lucky voters have confidence in your idea, then your idea gets fully funded by Avoteo, and if eventually the project scales and becomes profitable, Avoteo investors gets a share of the profit. Again this is a win win for all parties involved.

I am looking forward to seeing the name of Avoteo in the nearest future as the financier of the world biggest IT project that will take the world by storm and change a lot lives on earth for the better.

I would love to see Avoteo partner with reputable firms that can handle world class projects in order to deliver and bring ideas to fruition in the world stage.

Having a good idea is one thing, bringing it to light is another game entirely. Not everyone with a good idea is skilled in project management. This way investor will be rest assured of a great chance of success in their investment since a reputable company will be managing the project.

Infact, such partner can be mandated to own a certain amount in Avo to qualify to win projects contracts.

In five years from now I see Avoteo to have stabilized and have made great leaps and bounds and have successfully financed at least one project with a great potential of revolutionizing an important sector in the world.


In one of the presale groups I joined they recommended Avoteo to me. I was first not so sure if I was going to join yet another pre-sale since I have quite a few running already and, as with most of them, it takes time to get this invested money back. Luckily, as always, I did my own research (always do your own!) and after reading though their website, whitepaper and telegram group, I decided to sign up when the ICO was still in round 2 (pre sale phase 1).

I am happy I got to know this awesome project so early. What I like most? They bring together many different aspects: crypto, finance, crowdfunding and social media. All this to revolutionize the crowdfunding. As far as I know there is no competing project with them (yet) and they bring together new technologies.

I am expecting Avoteo to become one of the biggest players in the crowdfunding industry. They have a structured plan and are following their roadmap step by step. They have a goal and are not changing course every time the wind changes. For example the Certik audit. They did do the audit but they didn’t take over all their advices because they have another vision. Then take their ICO… they raised quite some money with the different phases and all the unsold coins will be burned. Good for us as investors since the tokens will become more rare and thus the price will go up. They will lock liquidity for 2 year but if the community decides different they will listen.

Therefor I am quite confident that this project will have a good chance of success and yes, of course, I invested money to get some gains, but if this becomes successful I will stay in this project just like in BTC. Imagine a world without BTC… in a few years Avoteo is the same. If you want to start crowdfunding your brilliant idea and you have no money yet… you will find your way to Avoteo organically.

I am really looking forward  for Q3 2022 when the platform will be live for public and the token is starting to be available on more places. I am happy they announced a partnership with Blockchain Army last week to do help Avoteo with their marketing. If marketing is not done right then the product has no chance to stay alive. Its viable for new products to have this sorted otherwise they will be ran over by hyped sh*t coins and projects.

And before I forget, Avoteo is really giving added value to their investors with their NFTs and Silver (plated) coins as rewards. Their community if friendly and lively and they are always their to help you out if you have a question or if something goes wrong.

As Avoteo grows, people whom are involved will have a voice/vote and people do have a voice. Glad to see Avoteo will take this voice into account on their way to the future. And… Avoteo will give back to the community.

I wish Avoteo and its team all the best and, once again, I am glad I am part of it.


I found Avoteo by accident on the web, I’m a diffident boy and as always I thoroughly studied the project to see if it was a scam, because we all know that the crypto space is full of those.

After my study I was really happy to have found a project like this, a unique project, without competition in the crypto world that could bring problems to it, a rare, competent and transparent team always ready to help and answer your questions.

That’s why I of course joined and fund the project, this time I am confident that this will bring many satisfactions, despite a few fails of mine made in the past, needed to understand the risks of this world.

The thing I liked the most is the way that the project itself aims to grow organically by first being funded by many, many people and then by helping start-ups to reach their goals, having access to a percentage of their annual profits.

In fact, each year a percentage of all the funded start-ups profits is divided equally to all the Avo Token’s holders, proportionally to each investor’s token holdings of course…

I’m looking forward to see how the team intends to implement all the features and all the remaining goals of this plan, because the more a project wants to change the world (in this case helping start-uppers reach their dreams, which is not really easy), the more is the difficulty to accomplish it.

I’m not an expert in business development, so I cannot say much about what I would improve or change In the plan, for sure I think that some partnerships with famous youtubers and followed-figures in the crypto space can help the project be known more rapidly.

In 5 years from now I see Avoteo as one of the major crowfunding platforms in the world, with Avoteo Holdings involving start-ups of many technology sectors of any kind.

Another really nice thing I found about this activity is that the whole ecosystem won’t be controlled by the few rich people that would take benefit from all the profits, but it’s built and funded from the ground by every sort of person, from the poor to the richer, all you need to do is to invest in the project… and of course the sooner you invest the better…

As said before, it won’t be really easy to reach all the goals, but I’m sure of one thing, the development team will put the best efforts to reach all the goals in according to the road map, so if you’re looking to invest in the project that could become one of the best and most-followed crowfunding platforms in the world, have faith in the team, study thoroughly the project and know that if you have some questions, you can ask to the support mail you can find in avoteo site, or you can join one the telegram groups available in many languages, full of investors like you and with admins ready to answer your doubts or questions.


It was a gloomy evening in December 2021. I was locked up at home with my wife and two positive children who were coughing from Covid. It would have been me too, a matter of hours. I took the opportunity to go out and stock up at the supermarket, a story already lived the year before in full lockdown ... on the way to the market there was my pizzeria / take-away cocktail. A 40 square meter bar opened three years before that was giving me satisfaction ... I had to close it due to the umpteenth refusal of the banks to grant me a loan despite the jump to 185% of turnover compared to the previous year. In my small room (which I was planning to expand by acquiring two adjacent vacant rooms) in addition to free wifi, I had set up a station with a 54 inch, playstation and joystick and a table where it was possible to pass the wait by playing cards or force 4 and a counter for aperitifs and cocktails. A novelty, especially in my area, like the special doughs of my pizzas: vegan dough, vegetable charcoal, tomato dough, etc. my products, but my accountant was stuck on the introduction of VAT in the 1970s. I had already arrived at the supermarket when my phone rings. A longtime friend tells me about Avoteo, we stay on the phone for two hours until my wife gives me up for missing. There are three days to Christmas, everyone at home heals except myself who becomes positive. I have chosen my gift, perhaps also that of my family, a hope for the future ... I open my first transaction with Avoteo! It is still a work-in-progress and I believe it will need the help and skills of us holders to grow, in spite of the prospects of speculative tokens. The project involved me for the human aspect, inspiring me with confidence and I hope to contribute in my small way to the success of the platform, imagining myself in my new and large room churning out pizzas for the gathering organized by the Avo holders, distributing dividends at the same time to Avoteo for the profits that will fly!


Like everyone in the crypto world i was looking for good long term investments , sharing around my tips and piking some good friends's call.. one of that call (luckly) drove me into the Avoteo project.
The fascinating part is the very long term this project wants to acieve , tring to become a big game changer in terms of investments. Everyone who tried to start an own project , grown with the best dreams , most of time had to face-up against the budget and struggling to reach some results just because of short of Liquidity.. Avoteo fired up back all people's dreams ( and also mine ) giving to anyone the chance to  propose a project – get voted from the community – win Avoteo support – acieve goals !
Quickly i joined the Italian Community  to find funders of the Avoteo Project and get more involved with plenty explanation of the road map and the dynamic of partecipation.
Here i found Luca that with “the bigger patience” ever seen online took the time to give me personally any – ANY – sort of information that my paranoic mind could produce for 3 days in a row..thanks to him i took confidence in this project , there'r real pragmatic people that share the their time with you, giving space to everyone, I also had the chance to present some ideas  and get quoted , can't wait to see the Day1 of Avoteo that big community.
The mission is clear : connect future entrepreneurs, artists, or visionaries with customers and investors before the idea becomes reality bcz of that in 5 year i see this project become partner of many good activities that will keep grow and share % of incomes with the community support them.
Don't miss the chance!
Go to the site, read, check, DYOR and join Us!


How I got shilled into Avoteo by it's CEO.

An absolutely true story of a part time crypto enthusiast.

Avoteo. A multi dimensional platform that brings people together to create, support, converse – to make clever ideas, unthinkable thoughts and unrealised dreams become reality. But where did it all start for me?

I was and still am relatively new to crypto and I was in a telegram chat group of another project that had finished ICO and wasn't best in communication. A mod was answering questions, fighting off doubts and accusations. He knew his stuff and seemed to be well educated in space. People  kept saying how bad the project was communicating, called it a rug and so on. Said mod just kept cool and told these people to dm hin if they are looking for a real good project with a doxxed team and good communication. I sent a dm and got shown a project called Avoteo, which was about to go on private sale. Turned out I was writing with thE CEO of this project which I thought had a lot of potential. He promoted his own project in another crypto group as a mod. And that is how I got to know Avoteo.

I am glad I invested in that other project and was in their telegram chat, even though I am down - 76% of my investment today, but it brought me to Avoteo. I bought my first AVO on the first day and I think also in the first hour of private sale and have never regretted or doubted my decision to invest, because the idea and concept is convincing and the team is extremely professional and close to the community.

The idea to help people to realize their dreams and ideas simply by voting and at the same time laying the foundation for a passive income for yourself once a project has matured and generates profit is unique. Also the intention to have a kind of platform on which people can offer their expertise and projects can find the missing peace for their team shows how well the team has thought about the whole project. The tocenomics and all the technical stuff is, as far as I can judge, also right on point.

I am looking forward to the journey with Avoteo and all the things to come. And I am glad that  the CEO, Fagan Kourbanov, was shilling Avoteo in another crypto project's chat.

By Marsh

I met Avoteo totally at random, I was doing random searches on crypto presale until I came across this crypto that promised passive earnings simply by holding, so I curious I put to look for more detailed information, and I acoperto that it was a voting platform for projects that needed funding to be started, that banks are not familiar with such projects "not safe" would have snubbed. - I signed up because I learned that avoteo was a real company on blockchain and having never seen something like this I decided to give her confidence and put a small but significant share to support the project. There are many aspects that I like about this project from the transparency of the team to the community that has been created that for a project that has yet to be launched is not taken for granted. - I expect that from the money obtained from the dividends of the start up the marketcap will grow more and more and that the total supply will decrease so as a consequence the price of the token will go through the roof - I expect the price of the token to reach 64$- If it were up to me I would still improve the graphics of the site a bit and add a compartment for people who hold the nft within the platform and that they can have exclusive content - Avoteo in five years I see it at a market capitalization of 20 billion fixed.


The truth is that my meeting with avoteo was purely accidental and at a time when I was seriously thinking about leaving the crypt space. So after I had invested in a few coins losing some of my little money I sold the last one and I was ready to withdraw my few funds. Then I saw on youtube a presentation of AVO and I found the idea interesting. so I started to study it and realized that it is a scam. Oh I'm not a sucker I thought !! These liars here have a perfect almost side, they have a clean and clear white book, they are in an advanced check by certik, they also have a team with people who have real photos with real names and social networks, they answer everything you ask in a few seconds, and most importantly that they do not promise you 10000% and 100000% profit in a few months. None of this was in the fakecoin I put My money until then. It took me two days of research to start believing that all this was true and charming with the idea that I would participate by voting and evaluating real business ideas. I do not know if the project will be successful but I'm sure I prefer to real people, who seem both serious and capable rather than somethingcoin who just fill their pockets. Other avoteo listened to me. I came to stay and I will fight it to the end with you to make this unique idea, big and successful.


- how did you learn about AVOTEO?

I learned about AVOTEO from my good old friend. We discussed this matter personally and I was very impressed about the basic idea.
Additionally I was touched by my friend’s brave heart to make such a brand new project become true.
Due to the reason, that I was monitoring various crypto developments since a couple of years I found the basic idea of AVOTEO spectacular great.
The longer our talk was taking place, the better I got the right understanding what AVOTEO was about.
Beside the emotional part of course I was looking onto the financial chances and I perceive them great as well.

- why did you join?

Life is sometimes opportunistic and AVOTEO was this one opportunity, which I decided to invest from the very beginning stage.
When it comes to money investments there is a basic need of trust absolutely elementary. I fully trust my friend and beside this
I found the general idea behind AVOTEO absolutely future oriented. These fact led my decision to invest into this crypto project.
Money is not everything in life, but life is nothing without money nowadays. Since I always look at the best in class bitcoin was
a time changer when it was developed. I’m very sure, that when the right decision will be fallen, AVOTEO could be a changer of
life for many people, which decided to invest.

- What do you like most about this project?

It gives every human the same equal chance to present his idea. This offers a potential dream of life to become true.
On the other side democracy is a sustainable system for all people having the same power to vote.
The more people believe in a project, the more fruitful it can come out and the final result turns into money one day.
Another aspect is that people should be more respected than potential profit. The basic idea of AVOTEO is to offer the
same opportunity for every creative mind to present an idea. At the same time the creator can expect a huge wave of
various feedbacks from people all over the world. This can lead into many other even more creative ideas.
This ongoing creativity will make the AVOTEO project never stop at a certain stage, but rolling on to the next level.

- What are you expecting, looking forward to?

Great ideas from most creative people, who are hungry to achieve something in life.
Live for something or die for nothing. AVOTEO can be a part of our all future and all of us can make it great.
I’m very curious to see what will be the very first project, which the AVOTEO community will decide to realize.
Each one can have the chance to make our whole life better and the whole world is open to be a part of it.

- What is it you would maybe do better?

Less people involved in the organization team.
Better transparency for the direction AVOTEO is going.
Less texts for reading and more visible key features for faster decision for potential investments.
Regular newsletter to achieve more awareness for this crypto.

- Where do you see AVOTEO in 5 years from now?

Stable coin on the trade market with continued annual positive growth.
Several creative ideas will lead into curious projects and new start-up companies will be born.


Dreaming does not cost anything.
I met the Avoteo family by chance, perhaps fate united us. I believe in destiny. I met her through telegram and google, and through a friend. I was looking for a winning project. I signed up immediately for the potential of the project. I have never seen such a thing in the crypto world. The possibility that is given to all holders of the token. This thing bewitched me. You are given the opportunity to enter the game, just like a football match. The coach has chosen you, yes, you. There are 5 minutes left for the final. A goal is we win the cup. Here the vote is compared to a goal. Each goal can lead you to victory. I can't wait for us to participate. I expect a surge at launch. As soon as people understand that in addition to the possibility of owning a token they have the possibility of earning interest, through only a careful vote, they will instantly fall for it. In 5 years I see Avoteo for at least 100 dollars. I am optimistic, I don't know. A message for the next future investors. Why better to have remorse. In the end, it costs nothing to dream.


What’s new?

News and Updates

Full Silver Coin & Silver Plated Coin

Limited to 500** resp. 1000* pieces

Investors of private sale round, that contributed more than 1000$ / 2500$ will receive physical silver plated coin* resp. full silver coin** in a stunning AVOTEO design.

* a copper core plated with 999 silver coin

** 1 ounce 999 silver coin


Listing partners

We are proud to announce that we have met an agreement with the p2pb2b exchange for an IDO that will take place in addition to Phase2 of our ICO.

In addition to the IDO and the ICO we have met an arrangement to carry out an AVO token IEO on the LATOKEN exchange platform.

This are a powerful tools in order to get more exposure and visibility for our project.


Security audit

We have heard the voice of our community and applied for a security audit. The audit will be started at 1st of march approximately and will be finished within around five days.

You can track the process by following the link below. We are listed on Certik website already.

Token information

Phase 2


March 14, 2022 (08:00 am CET)

Number of tokens for sale

446,968,488 AVO

Acceptable currencies


Contract Address



June 30, 2022 (11:45 pm CET)

Tokens exchange rate

Price 0.05 USD = 1 AVO


Up to 40% Bonus for an investment of

100 USD or more

BscScan Contract Link


Every transaction with AVO token will be charged a 10% tax.


Every transaction with AVO token will be charged a 10% tax.

OUT OF THE 1,000,000,000 TOKENS

Pre-Sale & Values

300.000.000 will be distributed to the team, partners and advisors. These tokens will have a vesting period of 12 months after the first listing on a DEX and will be
released in tranches of 5% over the following 20 month.

150.000.000 will be used for referrals.

50.000.000 will be used for giveaways, these could be for example airdrops, rewards for social competitions or they could be used as staking rewards. In each case these tokens will flow back to the Avoteo community.

500.000.000 tokens will be sold during three rounds of the ICO.

Round 1 – Private Sale: the tokens will be sold for the equivalent of $0.01.

The funds will be used for the development of the platform, the founding of Avoteo holding and hiring employees. Minimal purchase 50.000 AVO tokens, maximum purchase 1.000.000 AVO tokens. The tokens will have a vesting period of 9 months after the first listing after which 50% will be unlocked, 3 months later the remaining 50% will be unlocked.

Round 2 – Presale Phase 1 the tokens will be sold for the equivalent of $0.02.

Minimum purchase 5.000 AVO, maximum purchase 1.000.000. The tokens will have vesting periods: 25% of the tokens will be unlocked directly upon listing, 25% will be unlocked 3 months after listing, 25% will be unlocked 6 months after listing and 25% will be unlocked 9 months after listing.

Round 3 – Presale Phase 2 ( crowd sale ) the tokens will be sold for the equivalent of $0.05.
No minimal, or maximum purchase amounts. The sold tokens will have no vesting period.

Unsold tokens from one round will be transferred to the next and all unsold tokens after round 3 will be burned. Upon listing, the liquidity will be locked for a period of two years, the only exception is when a governance vote by the community decides that tokens need to be unlocked for example to burn part of the tokens, community redistributions, or to facilitate further developments of the Avoteo ecosystem.

Initial Tokens Distribution

*unsold Tokens after last phase will be burnt



The Timeline

With the help of our team, contributors and investors, these are the milestones we want to reach.

September 2021

Website released, whitepaper finalized.

October 2021

Private sale launched, social media accounts kicked off, marketing campaign started.

December 2021

Presale phase 1 launched, Avoteo platform development started, team doxed.

Q1 2022

Presale phase 2 launched.

Q2 2022

Token listed on DEX, beta version of Avoteo platform released, private sale/crowdsale investors onboarded.

Q3 2022

Avoteo platform opened to public, token listed on CEX.

Q4 2022

First Avoteo projects funded, massive marketing campaign launched.

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