Referral programm

To create an easy-to-use referral program, we decided to activate a system we used during our ICO.

How does the referral program work:

1. Create a new account by visiting

2. Go to the welcome section on the top right of your screen.

3. Click on “Referral program” and copy your personal referal link.

4. Send your link to your friends, family, followers, and community and enjoy a 7% bonus on their purchases.

Bonuses are paid out at a minimum amount of 50$ upon request or automatically at the end of the month.

The referral program is created in 3 layers.

– 7% bonuses on directly referred purchases

– 2% bonuses on the second layer purchases

– 1% bonuses on the third layer purchases

Buyers will receive bonuses depending on the purchased amount:

5% bonus below 50$ purchase

7% bonus from 50$ to 100$ purchase

10% bonus from a 100$ purchase.

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