We are starting our trading competition on pancakeswap today on
December 29th at 11pm CET.
Competition will be ongoing until 30.01.2023!
The prize depends on the token performance on the last 3 days of the event.
AVO above 0,01$ = 1BNB prize
AVO above 0,02$ = 2BNB prize
AVO above 0,03$ = 3BNB prize
AVO above 0,50$ = 50BNB prize

The winning wallet will be drawn live on the Avoteo Youtube channel on 01.02.2023

How to participate?

1. Buy AVO tokens on pancakeswap during the event is ongoing.
1000 AVO = 1 winning chance
2000 AVO = 2 winning chances
3000 AVO = 3 winning chances
...and so on.
2. Retweet like and comment our pinned post on twitter or instagram.
3. Please submit the form below to participate in the event!
Make sure to provide correct information!

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